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CMI is Aiken's Leading Full Service Musculoskeletal Care

Conveniently located in Aiken, Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute (CMI) offers full service medical care for your body. Orthopedics, Neurology, Rheumatology, Podiatry, Pain Management. CMI gets you back in the game to Play Again!

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Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute, Aiken SC

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Carolina Musculoskeletal Institute (CMI) a multi-disciplined medical practice and imaging center dedicated to providing the best comprehensive musculoskeletal care to our patients through the efforts of our highly trained physicians, nurses and staff. CMI offers full treatment services in orthopedic (bones & joints), sports medicine (athletes & athletic conditions), neurology (headaches, nerve issues, nerve disease), arthritis (painful joints), podiatry (diseases and surgery of feet), imaging (x-rays, CT scans), and pain management.

CMI's highly trained physicians, nurses, and staff are dedicated to providing the best comprehensive care to our patients across a variety of musculoskeletal specialties.

Joint Replacements

CMI specializes in joint replacements, sports medicine, spine and disc surgery, hand and foot surgery, and common emergencies such as cuts, sprains and fractures.

CMI is Dedicated to Providing
Only the Best Musculoskeletal Care to our Patients.

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